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Blunt Founder Gets Back to his Music Video Roots

After a serendipitous meeting between Danny Prussmann and Producer/Bassist from the band Chic, Jerry Barnes on a plane from Florida to New York City. The two teamed up to create a music video for the young artist Sam London on his track “Move Your Body” featuring Nile Rodgers and his guitar Hitmaker. We were lucky enough to have Melissa “MJ” Jimenez from this season of The Voice star as the leading lady in the video as well. Have a look on the portfolio page.

Phish, Blunt Content and Baked FX make a fun trio.

Over the holidays, Blunt Content teamed up with Baked FX and Mike Vozza to create a 30 Year anniversary Video. Bringing archived photos to life, animating old concert posters, and integrating rarely seen video, the trio wowed an audience of nearly 20,000 fans at Madison Square Garden at Phish’s New Year’s Eve Blowout. The video got written up on Rolling Stone’s website. Check it out here. You can see the video here, although it doesn’t compare to the 2 story high jumbo-tron an the new MSG. By the way, the featured image in this post is the Band actually watching the video as it played in the Garden.

C’est La Vie Live

A little known fact about Blunt Content’s Founder, Danny Prussmann, is that he composes his own original music. When asked to donate one of his songs to the Sara Knight Dance company, he gave them a song called Frenchman Funk, which he composed during a visit to New Orlean a few years back. Sara choreographed a routine with four of her dancers and titled it C’est La Vie. She and her girls did a fantastic job. Here is a taping of the first live performance.

Click this link for the C’est La Vie video

A Love Lockumentary

Founder and Director Danny Prussmann sets out on a quest to find answers to his questions about love. What better backdrop for his documentary than The Pont Des Art in Paris, where lovers come from around the world to secure their love with their very own Love Lock.